Alpe d’Huez, 2018

‘Hiking is just walking where it’s okay to pee.’

Demetri Martin

Hi, my name is Tallulah. I’m UK based and wanted to start my own blog. I’ll be documenting my walks here, so stay tuned for inspiration, stories and unofficial advice. I’m no professional, just a girl who likes walking!

Peak District Hike

Sunday 14th August 2022 Surprise View car park, Grindleford, Sheffield, Hope Valley S32 2JA Last month I was invited on a group hike in the peak District for somebody’s birthday. I caught a 9am train from Manchester Piccadilly to Hadfield station. Such a big group was a challenge to organise, so I waited a whileContinue reading “Peak District Hike”

Manchester Cathedral

Thursday 11th August Victoria street, Manchester, M3 1SX I’ve been too busy to go walking recently, so I decided to write about Manchester Cathedral instead. I have recently become a welcome volunteer here and I have discovered it to be a very interesting place.  I work two shifts a month, and I have already metContinue reading “Manchester Cathedral”