Alpe d’Huez, 2018

‘Hiking is just walking where it’s okay to pee.’

Demetri Martin

Hi, my name is Tallulah. I’m UK based and wanted to start my own blog. I’ll be documenting my walks here, so stay tuned for inspiration, stories and unofficial advice. I’m no professional, just a girl who likes walking!

Berlin, Germany

14th-19th March, 2022 This is my first Tali Walks abroad post! My partner and I embarked on a cheeky getaway for a few days. The only requirements for entry into Germany were to bring your vaccine passport, and only the hotel asked to see it. We made our way to Manchester airport on the MondayContinue reading “Berlin, Germany”

Bramall Hall

25th February 2022 Hall road, Bramall, Stockport, SK7 3NX Today I went to Bramall Hall. I initially thought it would be a quick and easy location to access because I’m not too far from Stockport. However, while the journey wasn’t horrendous, the transport links weren’t great. I caught the 192 bus to Stockport, and thenContinue reading “Bramall Hall”